Things that Haunt Working Moms Most of the Time

Building a career while also building own family at the same time is such a dilemma to a lot of working moms nowadays. The truth is, these two are highly important that leaving one because of another is never an option. While one may consider working moms as superwomen, they also have that sort of kryptonite crippling them in an instant. There are things that these women are also too afraid to hear and do.

Leaving Kids in the Hands of Other People

A lot of working moms may have embraced making use of day care centers as trusty facilities. While this seems to be a very convenient option, these women also fear getting comments involving the idea of leaving kids in daycare centers. These comments may just come to be very crippling on the working moms’ side.

And another idea that a lot of working moms have come to be afraid of is that sudden phone call from the center informing a sick child. This is just too traumatizing which puts a working mom in the midst of deciding whether to answer the call or to continue with the tasks that are long overdue. This scene is without fail that common problem a lot of working women have come across and that they never would have dreamed of getting through with again.

Dealing with School Activities

Dealing with your boss and your kids and husband at home is already a very tedious task. Inserting school activities in the picture may just seem to be too heavy to bear. For most working moms, participating with school activities may seem to be bittersweet.

One of the things that working moms may find too difficult to process is the invitation for activities. Probably, one of the greatest fears of working moms is being invited to be a part of the school activity where there seems to be no escape.

Some of these activities may even be set in a not so fair time which leaves working moms crippled during the time span of waiting for the activity to start which in return cause non productiveness.


These are two of the most major things that working moms are too afraid to ever do or even hear comments about. Being in two paths at the same time may never really be possible which leaves working moms in the midst of getting haunted most of the time.

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