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My Koozies Obsession or Addiction Is A Better Word

Do you have a koozie obsession? or is it an addiction?  hahaha If you do then you must love koozies so much! Koozies are versatile novelty items that are used for keeping cold beverages stay cold. Koozies are fast becoming a favorite item to collect and to be obsessed about simply because they are not just useful, they also come in different colors, designs and prints.

If you are obsessed with koozies then you may still think that your collection is still not enough. There are ways to get koozies that you have never thought possible, here are some ideas:

  1. Attend social events. Wedding, reunions and corporate events these days usually give koozies as a souvenir. Koozies are popular in events since you can easily place slogans, brands, company logos, company information and contact information on the outer part of the sleeve. Social events like these are often announced in social media sites so be ready to spot the best koozie designs when you attend.
  2. Become a member of a sporting club or team. You will surely get a koozie with the team logo and team slogan on the sleeve which is perfect collectible items. Koozies from sports teams are available in different colors and style; you will be able to spot collectible ones from regular designs if you are really an obsessed collector.
  3. Buy your koozies online. There are hundreds of ideas online; just check out online koozie distributors or online koozie sites that let you customize them to find out the ideal design that fits your collection. Orders are usually by bulk but there are shopping sites that also sell them per piece.
  4. Swap koozies with other collectors. Surely in your quest for collecting the best ones  you have met other collectors, you may swap your least interesting koozies for other collectibles from other people’s collection. You may also look for collectors’ auctions online to find out if there are koozies up for bids. Most koozies that are auctioned may be decades old or may have a signature of a popular celebrity or a logo of the historical sporting team. Be sure to do your research before you place your bids so you can get the best from auctions.
  5. Koozies may also be items provided for patrons or loyal customers by business owners or company owners. This give-away is popular in supermarkets, banks, convenience stores and department stores. You may search for these companies online.