New Custom Koozies

Custom koozies

Last month I decided to order Custom Koozies that were personalized with a logo that Jim came up with. Finally got them in a week ago and they look great! They did an amazing job on them and my the keeping my obsession growing. My hidden source for the koozies



5 Legit Work At Home Jobs

Seeing as though work at home jobs are advertised everywhere on the web and most of them are scams, here is a list of 5 legit work at home jobs that I feel are more realistic:

working from home

1.Online Tutor
2.Internet entrepreneur
3.Customer service agents
4.”Virtual” assistants

Love your Family While Working at Home

Are you tired and bored of working while having only less salary and far from your family? You may notice that much percent of people working are the men, but females do work too just that they only need it because there husband have low salary. Sometimes we just ignore things like to be with our family. But we can’t because we have to sacrifice working just to provide the needs of the family.

Moms who are working far from their family suffered from home sick because they are working away from their love ones. If you are looking for a work that offer high salary income yet you are with your family, then that is very possible. If you are familiar with an online job, the best way for you to do is to get involved in this kind of work. For you to be able to work as a mom for an online job, you must have a computer of your own and a fast reliable internet connection.

While working at home you can as well take good of your family and have a bonding moment. As a mom it is of great thing that you are with your family always because, you can show how much you care and love them. While earning an extra income or to earn a lot in an online job, you can value so much your family letting them know how much you love them.

This is the reason why online job is one of the latest jobs most moms consider. There are lots of job opportunities online, even though there are companies that offers job opportunities related online, you can also do it by seeking jobs of your own self.  If you have experienced working in some online companies then you might probably have the knowledge to seek for your own desired job. You can also get your desired salary if you want, because it is possible to have great salary depending on the kind of job you will handle.

So if you are looking for a job opportunity that will provide you great salary as well as want to be with your family then consider a home based online job because all you need was there. Everything is possible if you are knowledgeable enough to handle clients of your own and be paid with high salary while taking care of your family.

Top Green Ways to Market Your Business

Greening efforts to help the environment is not just in the products that we choose and in the activities that we do, it may also be applied in business marketing. How do you market your business and at the same time protect the environment?

Green efforts in marketing a business include ideas that avoid the use or misuse of natural resources. In short, these are ways that will support the environment and at the same time improve the way your products or services reach your market. Everything from Koozies to mobile market can be green

  • Internet marketing – by using internet marketing you will not just reach your customers faster and more efficiently but you will also reduce the use of energy and paper which are often needed in traditional marketing strategies. Internet marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to become more visible and more marketable since more and more people use the web for almost everything they do. It would be a shame to overlook social networking marketing, email marketing and using your own website or blog to take your business closer to your target market.
  • Use mobile marketing – just like internet marketing, mobile marketing is paperless. Since every person has a cell phone, you can take your business across this platform effectively. You can send your customers mobile messages about your products, services, promotions and sales. This form of marketing has taken to new heights since the arrival of newer and more efficient phones like android phones, smart phones and Windows phones. You will be able to reach your target market faster and at a more affordable way when you choose mobile marketing.
  • Multifunction machines – if you have an office or a home office you will be able to help green the planet and save electricity with the use of multifunction machines. A fax, scanner and printer will save you energy; a scanner will help you save paper instead of printing what you need to send to your customers. You may scan documents and send them via PDF file for your employees and staff which is a paperless way of running your business marketing,
  • Green products– You can now buy everything from green personalized koozies to cups made from recycled material. All are better than marketing with full on plastics from non recycled materials. Cost of these goods are going down dramatically a green koozie now only cost 35 cents!


My Koozies Obsession or Addiction Is A Better Word

Do you have a koozie obsession? or is it an addiction?  hahaha If you do then you must love koozies so much! Koozies are versatile novelty items that are used for keeping cold beverages stay cold. Koozies are fast becoming a favorite item to collect and to be obsessed about simply because they are not just useful, they also come in different colors, designs and prints.

If you are obsessed with koozies then you may still think that your collection is still not enough. There are ways to get koozies that you have never thought possible, here are some ideas:

  1. Attend social events. Wedding, reunions and corporate events these days usually give koozies as a souvenir. Koozies are popular in events since you can easily place slogans, brands, company logos, company information and contact information on the outer part of the sleeve. Social events like these are often announced in social media sites so be ready to spot the best koozie designs when you attend.
  2. Become a member of a sporting club or team. You will surely get a koozie with the team logo and team slogan on the sleeve which is perfect collectible items. Koozies from sports teams are available in different colors and style; you will be able to spot collectible ones from regular designs if you are really an obsessed collector.
  3. Buy your koozies online. There are hundreds of ideas online; just check out online koozie distributors or online koozie sites that let you customize them to find out the ideal design that fits your collection. Orders are usually by bulk but there are shopping sites that also sell them per piece.
  4. Swap koozies with other collectors. Surely in your quest for collecting the best ones  you have met other collectors, you may swap your least interesting koozies for other collectibles from other people’s collection. You may also look for collectors’ auctions online to find out if there are koozies up for bids. Most koozies that are auctioned may be decades old or may have a signature of a popular celebrity or a logo of the historical sporting team. Be sure to do your research before you place your bids so you can get the best from auctions.
  5. Koozies may also be items provided for patrons or loyal customers by business owners or company owners. This give-away is popular in supermarkets, banks, convenience stores and department stores. You may search for these companies online.

My working from home experience

No one may ever raise a kid better than a mom can, since in this present economy mom are to find it tougher than ever making ends meet just once they are giving up their careers.  Last week i read an article that changed the way I looked at it. This will lead to lots of the women to turn to web trying and replacing the income they consume received at their everyday job. On the other hand, most home base online job opportunities need lots of effort as well as time for a minimal pay. The viewpoint of working at home is spending time with the family, since you cannot do it if you’re to work for a long hours online for a minimum payment. That is why it is important to look for an online job that offers high paid salary.

HouseYou will get what you have put into some of the online job. This only means that you may work few hours for some extra income and you can as well work for several hours each week matching your usual income. Apparently, to make lots of money requires lots of hours; it depends on you on how much money you want matching how many hours you will be available at work.

The advantage of online job is, you can work in odd hours, if ever you have some extra time then grab it while your kids are sleeping, while in school or while they are napping. Your flexibility means that you probably have lots of time accessible that you are thinking.  There are various options for what you can do having an online job offer. Making money online is a great choice for moms who are staying at home while they raising kids because it let them decide on what hour they want to work.  If you market your company its a lot flexible as well You can make lots of money as you want to through just putting efforts.

So start working online today right from your home. Start fixing your own work hours as well as you don’t need to worry about not to spend enough time with the family because with making money online, you can be flexible, work you desired hours and spend the remaining time for your family. Most moms want to spend time to their family to show how much they love and care for them, which is why they opt for making money online, which they cannot do when they are in the offices. If you plan on working from home here are some tips to convince your boss