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4 Things I learned From Planning A Wedding

Ashley's wedding picThis Summer I helped plan Ashley’s wedding and thought I would write my opinion to help mothers and brides everywhere. Everything needs to be organized to the last decoration if you want to have a dream wedding. In any wedding event however, you must consider the following tips in your plans:

The number of guests

The number of invited guests is one of the primary factors that you must consider in planning a wedding. Basically, your venue for the ceremony, the wedding reception, the food to be served, the wedding souvenirs and your budget has to rely on the number of guests that you will invite. As a tip, if you want to make it simple on a limited budget, limit your guests to yours and your partner’s parents, the best man and bridesmaid, and principal sponsors. This way you can use your money for your honeymoon or for other expenses after the wedding.

The venue

The wedding ceremony venue must be reserved in advance whether you are having your wedding in a church, in a park, at the beach or at a baseball field. Be sure to check available schedules and speak to the church or venue administrator to process your reservation formally.

The wedding reception

You will need to reserve the venue for your wedding reception along with the menu that you are planning to serve. Do this personally and not through an online site or by phone. Choose a venue that will match your budget as well as reflect your overall wedding motif (is you have one). Possibly, thereception venue must be near your wedding venue so your guests will be easily ushered to the reception.

The wedding cake, flowers and souvenirs

For a limited budget, you can choose a simple wedding cake with your color motif. Flowers must be in season and must also be personally reserved as soon as possible. Souvenirs must be personalized or you can do this through DIY. The more personalized your décor and souvenirs are the more you will be able to please your guests. Check out the web for great wedding planning ideas today.