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Top Green Ways to Market Your Business

Greening efforts to help the environment is not just in the products that we choose and in the activities that we do, it may also be applied in business marketing. How do you market your business and at the same time protect the environment?

Green efforts in marketing a business include ideas that avoid the use or misuse of natural resources. In short, these are ways that will support the environment and at the same time improve the way your products or services reach your market. Everything from Koozies to mobile market can be green

  • Internet marketing – by using internet marketing you will not just reach your customers faster and more efficiently but you will also reduce the use of energy and paper which are often needed in traditional marketing strategies. Internet marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to become more visible and more marketable since more and more people use the web for almost everything they do. It would be a shame to overlook social networking marketing, email marketing and using your own website or blog to take your business closer to your target market.
  • Use mobile marketing – just like internet marketing, mobile marketing is paperless. Since every person has a cell phone, you can take your business across this platform effectively. You can send your customers mobile messages about your products, services, promotions and sales. This form of marketing has taken to new heights since the arrival of newer and more efficient phones like android phones, smart phones and Windows phones. You will be able to reach your target market faster and at a more affordable way when you choose mobile marketing.
  • Multifunction machines – if you have an office or a home office you will be able to help green the planet and save electricity with the use of multifunction machines. A fax, scanner and printer will save you energy; a scanner will help you save paper instead of printing what you need to send to your customers. You may scan documents and send them via PDF file for your employees and staff which is a paperless way of running your business marketing,
  • Green products– You can now buy everything from green personalized koozies to cups made from recycled material. All are better than marketing with full on plastics from non recycled materials. Cost of these goods are going down dramatically a green koozie now only cost 35 cents!


How to Market a Small Firm All by Yourself

Having a new business venture is exciting and at the same time nerve-wrecking especially when you are new to marketing and advertising. You need a marketing specialist to help you especially when you have never handled this concern before however; your small firm is also your training ground to handle more complicated marketing and advertising concerns in the future. Here are some tips to help you market a small firm all by yourself:

Meet your target market

You need to learn what your customers want and what they are looking for in a product like yours and this is basically what target market means. You can also “target’ your market with the use of techniques like surveys, contests, giving away product samples and even studying your competitors. And targeting your market is not a one-time occurrence, you need to do this are regularly as you can which will also help you in developing new products, services and expanding your brand.

Know your means

These days there are so many efficient and practical ways to market your firm solo. Most of these techniques may be done online with the help of marketing tools, programs and people that may be able to help you in the web. Marketing tools like blogs, social networking sites, videos, e books and so many more may be used easily even when you have no background in marketing or advertising. You may also set up your own blog or web page in minutes to cater to more customers online.

Aside from online marketing, you may also market your new firm through offline means. You may create posters to be placed in community centers and other public places in your community or city like a local market, a town hall, a local school or anywhere your business or niche applies to. Other offline means include marketing or advertising segments from your local radio or TV station and of course advertising through a leading local paper.

Evaluate your marketing strategies

You need to regularly evaluate your marketing strategies to that you can make changes early on. Constant evaluation also ensures that you don’t go overboard on your budget and to seek help when necessary. Most small business owners start by giving away custom koozies or pens. Koozies work great for marketing a small firm. Evaluation is based on your desired marketing goals so take time to formulate a short time or a long term goal for your marketing projects beforehand.