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Things that Haunt Working Moms Most of the Time

Building a career while also building own family at the same time is such a dilemma to a lot of working moms nowadays. The truth is, these two are highly important that leaving one because of another is never an option. While one may consider working moms as superwomen, they also have that sort of kryptonite crippling them in an instant. There are things that these women are also too afraid to hear and do.

Leaving Kids in the Hands of Other People

A lot of working moms may have embraced making use of day care centers as trusty facilities. While this seems to be a very convenient option, these women also fear getting comments involving the idea of leaving kids in daycare centers. These comments may just come to be very crippling on the working moms’ side.

And another idea that a lot of working moms have come to be afraid of is that sudden phone call from the center informing a sick child. This is just too traumatizing which puts a working mom in the midst of deciding whether to answer the call or to continue with the tasks that are long overdue. This scene is without fail that common problem a lot of working women have come across and that they never would have dreamed of getting through with again.

Dealing with School Activities

Dealing with your boss and your kids and husband at home is already a very tedious task. Inserting school activities in the picture may just seem to be too heavy to bear. For most working moms, participating with school activities may seem to be bittersweet.

One of the things that working moms may find too difficult to process is the invitation for activities. Probably, one of the greatest fears of working moms is being invited to be a part of the school activity where there seems to be no escape.

Some of these activities may even be set in a not so fair time which leaves working moms crippled during the time span of waiting for the activity to start which in return cause non productiveness.


These are two of the most major things that working moms are too afraid to ever do or even hear comments about. Being in two paths at the same time may never really be possible which leaves working moms in the midst of getting haunted most of the time.


It’s a touchy subject and the debate needs more input and these ladies did a good job.

How to Get Started on Your Big Dream in Easy Steps

Everyone has a big dream. You may want to travel to Europe, quit your job and start your own business, give your home a makeover, go back to school, to become slimmer or to quit smoking. But oftentimes we lose focus on our dreams and become either too busy or too tired because of our daily grind. There are just too many things that demand our attention that prevent us from making our dreams into reality but this does not have to be. Here are some strategies on how you could start on your big dream:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally – find out what your big dream really is. Ask yourself do you really want this dream? Visualize this dream and feel the positive outcomes of your dreams. When you are able to see, smell, taste and touch your dreams you are more likely to become motivated to do anything to achieve it no matter what.
  2. Positive thinking works – come up with affirmation statements for your dream. By simply saying “Yes I can!” over and over again you will be able to improve the way you focus on your goals. Repeat your mantra over and over again to inspire and motivate you.
  3. Develop your plans – take note of even the smallest steps that you can do to be able to fulfil your goals. By writing down your plans you will be able to come up with a strategy to overcome every potential hurdle and to persevere at all cost.
  4. Getting unstuck – as you journey in fulfilling your dreams, you will sometimes feel that you are stuck in a hurdle and just do not know what to do next. When this happens, ask yourself what you want to do next and who could you ask for help. No man is an island, if you find yourself in the middle of not knowing whether to proceed or thinking of quitting then the best way is to listen to someone like an expert to help you move on or to make decisions.
  5. Create a schedule – make a schedule of what you need to accomplish in a day; include your daily routines and finally take time to list activities that you would like to do to accomplish steps to fulfil your goals. A schedule will help you focus on your chores, work and family first and then find suitable amount of time to work on your dreams.
  6. Let others in to your dreams – share your dreams no matter how small, how silly and how impossible it may be. By letting other people in you will be able to set expectations on how you will move forward in fulfilling your dreams. By telling your partner or spouse that you would like to go back to school, you will be able to justify that you two will have less time together in the next few months.
  7. Find a mentor – look for a coach, a mentor or a guru to help you with your dreams.
  8. Keep a record of your journey and your success – this is a journal of your plans, your day to day struggles to meet your dreams and this will also serve as the evidence of your success.
  9. Take the first step to your dreams – once your plans are ready then do not hesitate in taking the first step. When you have taken the initial step, plan for tomorrow’s next step, and so on!
  10. Adjust your plans – there is always room to improve your plans to meet your needs, goals and any kind of circumstances.

5 Legit Work At Home Jobs

Seeing as though work at home jobs are advertised everywhere on the web and most of them are scams, here is a list of 5 legit work at home jobs that I feel are more realistic:

working from home

1.Online Tutor
2.Internet entrepreneur
3.Customer service agents
4.”Virtual” assistants

Love your Family While Working at Home

Are you tired and bored of working while having only less salary and far from your family? You may notice that much percent of people working are the men, but females do work too just that they only need it because there husband have low salary. Sometimes we just ignore things like to be with our family. But we can’t because we have to sacrifice working just to provide the needs of the family.

Moms who are working far from their family suffered from home sick because they are working away from their love ones. If you are looking for a work that offer high salary income yet you are with your family, then that is very possible. If you are familiar with an online job, the best way for you to do is to get involved in this kind of work. For you to be able to work as a mom for an online job, you must have a computer of your own and a fast reliable internet connection.

While working at home you can as well take good of your family and have a bonding moment. As a mom it is of great thing that you are with your family always because, you can show how much you care and love them. While earning an extra income or to earn a lot in an online job, you can value so much your family letting them know how much you love them.

This is the reason why online job is one of the latest jobs most moms consider. There are lots of job opportunities online, even though there are companies that offers job opportunities related online, you can also do it by seeking jobs of your own self.  If you have experienced working in some online companies then you might probably have the knowledge to seek for your own desired job. You can also get your desired salary if you want, because it is possible to have great salary depending on the kind of job you will handle.

So if you are looking for a job opportunity that will provide you great salary as well as want to be with your family then consider a home based online job because all you need was there. Everything is possible if you are knowledgeable enough to handle clients of your own and be paid with high salary while taking care of your family.

Top Green Ways to Market Your Business

Greening efforts to help the environment is not just in the products that we choose and in the activities that we do, it may also be applied in business marketing. How do you market your business and at the same time protect the environment?

Green efforts in marketing a business include ideas that avoid the use or misuse of natural resources. In short, these are ways that will support the environment and at the same time improve the way your products or services reach your market. Everything from Koozies to mobile market can be green

  • Internet marketing – by using internet marketing you will not just reach your customers faster and more efficiently but you will also reduce the use of energy and paper which are often needed in traditional marketing strategies. Internet marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to become more visible and more marketable since more and more people use the web for almost everything they do. It would be a shame to overlook social networking marketing, email marketing and using your own website or blog to take your business closer to your target market.
  • Use mobile marketing – just like internet marketing, mobile marketing is paperless. Since every person has a cell phone, you can take your business across this platform effectively. You can send your customers mobile messages about your products, services, promotions and sales. This form of marketing has taken to new heights since the arrival of newer and more efficient phones like android phones, smart phones and Windows phones. You will be able to reach your target market faster and at a more affordable way when you choose mobile marketing.
  • Multifunction machines – if you have an office or a home office you will be able to help green the planet and save electricity with the use of multifunction machines. A fax, scanner and printer will save you energy; a scanner will help you save paper instead of printing what you need to send to your customers. You may scan documents and send them via PDF file for your employees and staff which is a paperless way of running your business marketing,
  • Green products– You can now buy everything from green personalized koozies to cups made from recycled material. All are better than marketing with full on plastics from non recycled materials. Cost of these goods are going down dramatically a green koozie now only cost 35 cents!