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Trends in Wedding Cakes

Eating More Greens Lately

I’ve been neglecting my greens a bit, so I’m going to make more of an effort to get those in. Lunch today!



Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding

New Custom Koozies

Custom koozies

Last month I decided to order Custom Koozies that were personalized with a logo that Jim came up with. Finally got them in a week ago and they look great! They did an amazing job on them and my the keeping my obsession growing. My hidden source for the koozies



4 Things I learned From Planning A Wedding

Ashley's wedding picThis Summer I helped plan Ashley’s wedding and thought I would write my opinion to help mothers and brides everywhere. Everything needs to be organized to the last decoration if you want to have a dream wedding. In any wedding event however, you must consider the following tips in your plans:

The number of guests

The number of invited guests is one of the primary factors that you must consider in planning a wedding. Basically, your venue for the ceremony, the wedding reception, the food to be served, the wedding souvenirs and your budget has to rely on the number of guests that you will invite. As a tip, if you want to make it simple on a limited budget, limit your guests to yours and your partner’s parents, the best man and bridesmaid, and principal sponsors. This way you can use your money for your honeymoon or for other expenses after the wedding.

The venue

The wedding ceremony venue must be reserved in advance whether you are having your wedding in a church, in a park, at the beach or at a baseball field. Be sure to check available schedules and speak to the church or venue administrator to process your reservation formally.

The wedding reception

You will need to reserve the venue for your wedding reception along with the menu that you are planning to serve. Do this personally and not through an online site or by phone. Choose a venue that will match your budget as well as reflect your overall wedding motif (is you have one). Possibly, thereception venue must be near your wedding venue so your guests will be easily ushered to the reception.

The wedding cake, flowers and souvenirs

For a limited budget, you can choose a simple wedding cake with your color motif. Flowers must be in season and must also be personally reserved as soon as possible. Souvenirs must be personalized or you can do this through DIY. The more personalized your décor and souvenirs are the more you will be able to please your guests. Check out the web for great wedding planning ideas today.


How Do You Handle Having a Career and Being a Mother

Juggling one’s career and rearing children is really a tough job. As the saying goes, “you cannot serve two masters at the same time”. However, there are a lot of career women who seem to find both responsibilities in taking duties and being a mother important that giving up one may seem to not be a viable choice. While a lot of women have found the way to juggles these things, those women who are just approaching the phase may seem to be so concerned. If you are one of those women, here are some of the ways on how you can handle having a sky rocketing career while tending your own family unit at the same time.

One thing that will really help you achieve success on the deal is to separate these two duties. One should not overpower another or should not come to overpass or overreach one from the other. This can be done successfully by allowing time for both duties. For instance, when your home, your motherly duties should start without the interference of work and vice versa. Your family should not affect your work as much as your work should not affect your family.

Build that understanding between you and your family too. The thing is, your family should understand how your work is done in order for them to also determine what to expect from you in terms of your time. You will definitely find it easy to express your concerns if your family has the right knowledge over things in the workplace.

It is said that there is no perfect rule towards succeeding in the task of juggling work and family life. A lot of people even fail in their marriages just because of the simple fact that some rules do not apply to some families. Probably, managing time and allowing communication to flow in the household would make things a whole lot easier.

If you are already experiencing problems within your household because of work, then, it may just be the right time to address the problems by first opening communication channels to your partner. You can also get an advice from a family counselor for that matter. While it can be a noble deed to juggle both career and family life, a simple hitch might come to cause the complete failure of rearing a responsible family so there has to be some steps needing to be done.


– The Mama Bee