About Me

My name is Jessica and I am a full time mother, business owner and wife. I like to blog about my daily experiences. A working mom is not easy at all, for you have to work while raising your kids as well that would be a tough job. Handling between the work responsibilities as well as to spend quality time with your family requires common sense together with time management and enough energy. At the end of the day you probably wish to have some extra hours because the whole day is not enough though, but if you are to work hard, make an effort, manage the work and home life as well is not that tough; you have to be very flexible.

Most moms are in the same boat, working from home and earn salary while raising kids is the most common activity today. If you want to come up in a solution of your problem handling both your family responsibilities and work, it is ideal to take a sit first, think over and then figure out of your priorities. Sometimes you have to let go some of the stuff and things you want just for the sake to keep your work and family to spend enough time altogether. A proud mom is always happy to see that she was able to handle and manage things accurately while doing hectic job.